A year at Wealthy affiliate

So here I am after nearly a year writing endless posts in the hope that one day I would hit that illustrious $10,000 per month mark and guess what this week……I didn’t!

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It Aint easy to write a blog

Ya see there are two problems with this whole blog business. Number 1 is that it ain’t that easy and number 2 is..if you are anything like me you will get to the point where you have written perhaps 30 or so posts and you have perhaps just 5 people per week visiting your site..you put in loads of work too..I do SEO research and try and create what I feel are good educational posts that perhaps people will want to read..the problem is you invest so much time in it and you get not a lot back…When I say not a lot I actually mean no income…that’s right folks its took me a year and so far I’ve made nothing…or have I?


Time at Wealthy Affiliate.

I spent the first 3 months of my membership at wealthy affiliate going over the lessons and trying to learn the ins and outs of affiliate marketing and creating a website and I was in a great place, felt like I was going to conquer the world and perhaps make a few quid along the way. I was writing posts every week and building my site up. I was doing the correct research on keywords and was really into it..no i hadn’t seen any traffic but I was confident that at some point that was all going to change…but at month 4 I kind of gave up..I didn’t give up as such I kind of felt that my time spent writing blog content could perhaps be better spent on other pursuits…like building the websites.

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Building WordPress websites for clients

I soon found that my actual interest was in building the websites and designing logos and marketing material. I managed to get a few clients who wanted a new WordPress website built, and with the new found knowledge from Wealthy Affiliate I was able to build there sites in WordPress and to a good standard…so i did make some money from my time at wealthy affiliate. I’m still paying the $40 per month to be a member and every so often i do write a post or two but not enough to say im a successful affiliate marketer..but I will say that i do now have a blog which I am kind of proud of..i have lots of posts on here and I do believe they are informative and interesting to readers..that’s why I am still with wealthy affiliate..sometimes I will get the urge to write just one more post in the hope it gets ranked and perhaps pull in a few pennies..if it does great..if it doesn’t ..I’m not worried because I’m enjoying the journey and feel like I have learnt a lot from Wealthy Affiliate that has helped me in my career..ive even started a new business from scratch and was able to build the website I wanted and drive local traffic to it. I use Wealthy affiliate to host my sites and ive always got a big community of people to fall back on should i get into any technical difficulties.

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So No i havnt made $10,000 per month from wealthy affiliate YET! ha ha..you never know if I keep writing i may one day get someone to click a useful link for me to get paid commision on but for now im happy to just keep my blog going and write from time to time.

If your interested in joining wealthy affiliate please feel free to click the link below to see what it is all about..theres no catch, its free to join and if you click the link i might just get to that $10,000 ha ha..if not thanks for reading and feel free to stop by my blog in the future and please take a look at some of my other posts..some of them are pretty good..i think?

Wealthy affiliate..if you click here i may make $10,000 hee hee..or perhaps $5


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