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Consider Youtube

If you are looking at creating a business online or even if you already have a website or internet presence with your business, the chances are, that at some point you are going to need a Youtube channel. Most people are aware of the need for Facebook and Twitter in their social marketing mix, but some often forget or don’t even consider the use of youtube.

People are visual by nature

Whenever we see a post on Facebook or an advertisement that has an engaging picture with it, we are instantly drawn in, and our minds help to decipher things better when we see an image. The same can be said of video..we are visual in nature and engage better when we can see something rather than just reading about it…so if we can see and hear what is being told to us, the chances are it is going to make us pay attention better and ultimately drive us to purchase a product or visit a web page or follow whatever call to action we are being asked to do.

How to create a Youtube Channel

Creating a Youtube channel is a relatively easy thing to do and the great thing about it is that you can have as many different channels as you like under one account. This means that if you have a number of different niches or products you wish to create a channel for you can do so with neither channel being associated with the other. For instructions on how to create a Youtube channel just take a look at the video below which is not by me by the way, but i figured why create another how to video myself when someone has already done the work..

How can it help my business

There are a number of different reasons why having a Youtube channel and presence on Youtube can help your business and it makes perfect sense to have one.

1: Having a Youtube channel means that you can promote a video using their Adwords system..this means that for a small or large budget you can get your video seen by thousands of potential customers.

2: By having videos on Youtube you can then embed them on your website.

3: The subscribe function on Youtube means you can build a following and thus creating a list of people who may buy from you.

4: if you do not have one you are definitely losing out to your opposition

5: It is Free..there is no reason not to have one.

What to do when you have your channelprojector-64149_1280

Once you have your Youtube channel the question is what to put on it. Isn’t making a video costly? I hear you ask…well it can be, but as you have probably seen there are so many videos that have gotten thousands of views that are not particularly well made or professional looking. Sometimes a simple “how to” video can generate thousands of views that has just been done using a screenvideoer…i may have just made that word up!..what i mean is a piece of software that enables you to have the screen of your computer recorded while you do a live voiceover. A simple and Free one to use is screencastomatic 

For a more professional-looking video you may want to think about investing in a couple of video making programs. Take a look at my post here on creating a videos marketing business to see some of the programs. They are pretty cheap to purchase and you can create some stunning looking videos like the one I did below for a local business.

Final Thoughts

With an ever changing world where we are so used to seeing adverts and visual cues to purchase products or take action, it is imperative that your business incorporates video into its marketing and i hope that this post has given you some food for thought on why you need a youtube channel for your marketing.

As always please leave me a comment or let me know if you have had any good or bad experiences with Youtube marketing.


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