Where to get Content from

When I first started researching ways to make money online it was clear that in order to gain a presence online I was going to have to create content for my website and that without it there would be little chance of anyone actually visiting my site. The problem was that I had no idea what to write and even when I did find something to write about I was a little unsure that my writing skills would be up to the task. I didn’t understand the importance of quality content for website traffic and my search for an answer managed to get me to spend my hard earned money on something that didn’t work..

Using a Content Creator


The first thing I thought to myself was (as many people may think) is there an easy way, or software program that can create content for me. After researching ways to make money online I was constantly barraged with adverts everywhere, on Facebook I would constantly see adverts popping up saying things like “The only insider system that gives you top quality content without paying for an army of writers”. What is this? I hear you say. Well it was something called spin rewriter and I stupidly fell for it.


You see, the thing with content creators in general is that they just take other people’s writing and just change around the grammar and words so that it appears original. You can then check your content with a thing called Copyscape and if your content is 25% original then you can post it. The trouble is that often times the content just doesn’t make sense and also doesn’t sound like it was written by a real person. I tried using it with another website and generated hardly any traffic using it so I would say, stay well clear of anything offering you an easy way to create content like spin rewriter does. If it sounds too good to be true..trust me it probably is!

What is quality content?

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Here is the truth people and you may not like it..In order to create Quality content you are going to have to write and create it yourself or pay someone to write it for you (and I don’t mean Content creator like above). You have to start from scratch and write. Now I am not the best writer..I am a better talker, and as my wife will tell you my grammar and spelling is atrocious, but I do write absolutely everything on this site myself and I hope that it sounds like it is coming from a real person and is informative.


It doesn’t matter if you are not the best writer in the world. It doesn’t matter what you write about as long as it is giving value to the reader in some way or another. Take this post for instance..I wanted to let people know the importance of quality content for website traffic. If you have terrible content that isn’t written by yourself and makes no sense, then people will not share it, get to the end of it or worse..say its crap in your comment box!

When writing and creating content it is worth looking at the following tips to add to your websites and posts as these can really help drive traffic.



1: People are visual so always include pictures within your content..see above ha ha!

2: Don’t write really long paragraphs, try and split the content up using headings etc..like I have..

3: The use of video is always a good move!..yes I know I haven’t included it in this post!

4: Write as YOU..dont try and be someone else or sound like a corporate entity.

5: Include Keywords within your content but do not overdo it…use them in your headline and maybe 3 to 4 times throughout your post.

6: Try not to make your posts too long or too short (400 words to 1000 words is good)

7: Use a font that people can read..do not be too creative.

8: Do not litter your posts with too many affiliate links (if that is your thing)

9: Above all be informative

10: People like lists…see above ha ha!




Writing good and quality content can be fun and rewarding and once you get into the swing of things it isn’t as hard as it first sounds..When I first started, the thought of writing just 5 posts seemed very daunting indeed but I was lucky to stumble across a great online marketing network called Wealthy affiliate and with their help I am now writing (I hope) Quality content at least 3 times a week….so what does this mean for traffic to my website?..well it is growing month to month and it is most importantly 100% original. For more info on Wealthy affiliate you can check out my review here


I hope you enjoyed my little post on the importance of quality content for your website and if you have any comments I would be happy to hear them, Just drop me a comment or two.


So what are you waiting for?…get writing and creating and please stay away from those dreaded content scams!