A Wealthy Affiliate review.


If you have reached this page after searching and reading all about Wealthy Affiiliate then you are probably serious about joining and want to know (like i did) whether or not this thing called Wealthy Affiliate is yet another scam. Are they trying to get you to part with your hard earned cash in the hopes that maybe one day you will gets tons of traffic to your website. Can you maybe earn 1000’s per week? and is it truly worth joining and a place where you can actually grow a business. Well here is a Wealthy affiliate review from someone who is probably a bit like you and has been searching for a way to get into affiliate marketing the right way.


What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy affiliate is a community of people who all have the same goal. To achieve online and create a business online for themselves just like you and me. It was created by two guys called Kyle and Carson who i honestly believe DO want to help people succeed. However i was (as you probably  are) skeptical about it so i decided to look them up and do some research.

What did i find?

Rather than searching for just reviews of wealthy affiliate i decided to try and find as much negative information about them as i could and to my surprise even the negative ones talked about how great the training and community was and the negative impresssions were more from personality clashes rather than it being a scam. ok i thought maybe there is something to this program then…

The only way to find out is to jump right in..

After learning that wealthy affiliate was a free program to join and that you didn’t need to enter any credit card information in at the start i decided to give it a whirl as i thought i didn’t have anything to lose. I signed up to their free account and began to look around the programme and see what it was all about. From the start you can see that this is a welcoming place to be. Kyle and Carson both greet you on entry and yes we all know it’s probably automated but it is a nice touch. The community at wealthy affiliate though are i have to say fantastic and there are so many ways to answer any questions you might have including a live chat section. With over 30,000 members and growing you can see that there has to be something to this that works…

What’s inside the programme?

Once inside you have the option of taking the first part of the training for free which has a ton of information and video tutorials to help you get going in no time. At any point you can ask questions in the community if you get stuck and you even have the ability to set up a free website straight away. There is also a section called premium membership and here is where things get really interesting. I have to admit that when i first saw that you had to upgrade to the premium membership to gain access to the second part of the training for $47 per month i was skeptical to say the least, but they did offer the first month for $19 if you joined after 7 days. So i decided to try the free seven days and do all the tutorials, get involved in the community and see how i felt afterwards.

7 Days Later

Once my seven days were up it was time to decide whether or not i should upgrade or leave wealthy affiliate behind and move onto the next thing. The trouble was that i didn’t know where else to go. What i had experienced in the first seven days was nothing like anything else i had tried. It’s like being in college for building up a business online..there is a wealth of information in just the free version and the help you can get is brilliant. The community seems to be made up of both professional marketeers who are actually making a great living from it to new people learning new skills that will help them on there journey. Everyone has the same desire which is to succeed and there is no hiding anything from you as the community is so large…..So i did it…i upgraded and found myself in college again only this time working from home and not getting so drunk. You can work at your own pace and the extra content i found was amazing. You have accsess to everything for your premium membership and there are no upsells. There is even a keyword research tool and you can actually contact the owners and they reply.


yeah yeah yeah i here you say… you are just trying to get me to click on your link and go to the site so you receive an affiliate payment for me joining. Well yes this is true i would love you to click on any of my links and go to the Wealthy affiliate page but not just because i want a credit. More so because if you are anything like me you have been looking for a legitimate way of either making money or creating a business online and with wealthy affiliate you have the best education possible in one place and a community of professionals to call on at any time. But don’t just take my word for it… take a look for yourself it’s FREE to try anyway and you might just like it..if you do end up joining look me up on there and we can connect. You have nothing to lose and even if you don’t become a premium member i am sure you will enjoy your time there. As usual drop me a comment below…

I hope you found this useful and i hope to see you in the community….