So today I thought I would give you a rundown of my most used online tools that I use in the day to day running of my businesses. Some of these are just little tools and some are things I have paid for. All of them are well worth a look. I hope that some of them may be new to you…

My Online Business Tools


The #1 Writing Tool
This is a relatively new one to me but it has really made a huge impact to my writing. As some of you may be aware, my grammar and spelling is not the best it could be. This handy tool puts little red lines over your content and allows you to just hover your mouse over the words to change the spellings and grammar. It even remembers and learns how your write. By far this is one of the most useful tools I have found in the past few months and I no longer have to worry about my content being spelt wrong or not making any sense…ok ok so some things may slip by the net but this program is free and well worth a look.



I have spoken about debitoor before in another post (see here) but had to include it here as it is such a good and more importantly free program to use to invoice your customers from. You can customize your invoices and send them via email, post or through the system itself. It will never compete with something like sage, but for an easy to use program for small businesses you cannot go far wrong.


Keep (by Google)google keep

This is a great little app that allows you to create to do lists on your phone or iPad. You can even take pictures of things and it stores them in an easy to navigate look on your device. You can simply swipe to dismiss items and you have check boxes. I use this all the time when I am out and about and need to make lists.

Pixabay.laptop with pictures surrounding it

Ths is a great website for finding free stock images…and when I say free I mean sign up needed and no purchasing for different sizes. A lot of the images I have on this site actually come from pixabay. I would say that apart from Grammarly this is probably THE most used online business tool that i use.


Inkscapeinkscape logo

If you are into graphic design (and I am) this is a free vector graphics program on par with illustrator. You can quickly design logos, posters, leaflets etc and it is quite easy to pick up the basics. When i first started my marketing company I used this program a lot for designs and posters.






Wealthy Affiliate.wa-logo

It would be hard for me to not mention the Wealthy affiliate program. I have been a member here for a while now and the knowledge and courses here are brilliant for anyone wanting to get into affiliate marketing. Initially they offer a free sign up with the chance to go onto their premium members course if you want to. This is like a university for Affiliate marketers and has (I would say) some of the best information for affiliate marketing on the web. For more info on wealthy affiliate you can check out my review here logo is the first online training platform I used and to this day I still use it to learn a number of different subjects. The platform is extensive to say the least and if you want to learn anything from graphic design to HTML coding then this is the place for you. You can see some of the training modules for free before signing up but for a more thorough look at you can see my review here


Youtube channel video marketingYoutube hands

The great thing about youtube is that you now have the option to promote videos in the same way you can with Facebook. This gives a whole other level to your marketing and is well worth looking at and adding to your marketing tools. You can also create seperate channels for every business that you run or for different products you wish to promote.

Survey monkeysurvey monkey

When you start out in a business it is best practice to find out about your target audience and sometimes ask difficult questions like “what is wrong with my business?” Survey monkey provides a great solution to asking and analyzing these questions in the form of online surveys. These surveys can also be placed onto your facebook pages. They offer a free service as well as a paid service. the platform is set out well and is easy to use. I have often used it for different businesses that i run and have found it most useful.


These are just a few of my most used online business tools and I will be posting more of the tools I use in the future but for now why not check a few of them out or if you have any experiences in using these or any other online business tools I would love to hear about them. Just drop me a comment.


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