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My Affiliate marketing journey: Part 2

So if you have read my first part on my journey into affiliate marketing then thank you very much for sticking with me for part 2. If you have’nt already read part 1 then please feel free to take a look at it here

We left part 1 with me basically getting sucked into all the affiliate marketing scams that are out there and losing money left right and centre on get rich quick schemes and trying to get people to visit a website with little to no effort in order to create and abundance of wealth…so let’s kick off where we left off..

I think I need some affiliate marketing training…..this was my first thought after losing out in a big way to those pesky scammers…but which one?…



What is the best affiliate marketing training course?

By now I had come across a few affiliate training courses and was not sure that any of them were not scams themselves. you have quite a few to choose from including Affiliorama and The Chris Farrell membership,  which are probably the most known and then you also have hundreds of other people trying to flog you their affiliate training courses…it felt just like those internet gurus get rich quick schemes again….aaaaagh!…Online Scam

This time though I didn’t want to part with my money so I decided that for every course I looked into I would try and find all the negative comments. I would put into google “chosen course scam” and see what would come up. It is surprising how much info you can actually get with this very simple technique.

I would also not just stop there…if I found a course that looked good and I couldn’t find any info on scams by searching, I would also do a search on the creator of the course and even sometimes other people associated with it. I am not going to name names but let’s just say that you can find an enormous amount of information about different scam related individuals online.

Which affiliate marketing course did I end up with?wa-logo

So by now I had searched quite a few courses and there was only really one that stuck out for me and that was Wealthy affiliate.

The one thing that really convinced me about this course was the amount of people who had good things to say about it. I pretty much struggled to find any negative comments. There were a few of course but nothing that really shouted SCAM.

I decided to give it a try and, as the sign up was Free I didn’t really have anything to lose. After a few hours looking through the membership site I have to say I was pretty convinced and so after only 5 days I decided to join their premium package which was $40 per month…yes yes i can see you all now shouting at the screen..”you’ve gone and bought into another online scam”…

The thing is that this time I actually hadn’t and my journey into affiliate marketing had just begun. I had a new found enthusiasm and a course I felt that was going to teach me everything I needed to know.

…And this was my first steps into successful affiliate did it go?…well you will have to wait for the next part of the be continued……..

If you can’t wait for the next part of the story you can always take a look at my review of Wealthy affiliate here.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed..please feel free to drop me a comment or ask me a question.