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With Google introducing it’s new mobile update tomorrow, it looks like many small businesses are going to feel the effect in rankings for their website.

So why is that?

As of tomorrow, very simply, google will be searching and indexing sites using a new algorithm that can tell if your site is optimised for mobile or not. If it is not then google will not rank it as highly in it’s search indexes.

What does this mean for small businesses?.

Potentially this could come as somewhat of a shock for small businesses who could see less visitors to their sites and if they did not hear about the new updates they could be losing out on business. The announcement from google only came out 2 months ago which has not given much time for businesses to react to the change.

But….you could make money from updating other people’s sites.

If you have some knowledge of web design or WordPress for that matter, now has never been a better a4apps screenshottime to create an online business helping people to get their websites mobile optimised. In fact if a websites built in WordPress you can simply change the theme to a dynamic one and make it mobile optimised for them…for a fee of course!

You could also take a look at my app business software that I use too, as this again provides  a simple solution to creating mobile sites for customers. Just click here to see more about it.

Just think how many businesses are out there that do not have mobile optimised sites!

Google has a great tool that you can use to check and see if a site is optimised. Just click here to see it in action. All you have to do is find some local businesses. Check their site with the tool and offer your services.


So what are you waiting for…it’s time to create a great new mobile marketing businss now!


I hope this has given you a great little idea for starting a business online. As always please feel free to leave a comment!


Pete H