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In today’s day and age it is important that all businesses have a presence on the mobile web. If your business does not have a mobile optimised website or app then you could be losing out to your competition. This is why mobile app development should be top of the list for your businesses marketing.

Doesn’t it cost a fortune?

It is true that app development can run into thousands of pounds and many of the top companies are creating apps that have features bespoke to that company, but it is achievable for smaller companies to have an app built for them at a relatively low cost that will enhance their business and in some cases push you above the competition.

Using an app building company that caters to small businesses is a great way to enter the app market and give your business a mobile presence. You will be able to have many features including, Push notifications, one-click calling, Gps navigation, social media integration, event listings and many more things all created in a mobile environment that your clients will respond to.

apparently 9 out of 10 people will move on to another business if the website is not mobile responsive so yet again your competitors could be taking your customers from you.

It is really all about how you connect with your customers and having the ability to promote through mobile and giving your customers a pleasant experience. That is what mobile apps is about. When was the last time you searched for Ebay or Facebook using a browser?..chances are you just click the app on your phone..now what if YOUR business was the app that people had on their phone for your product or service..? That could produce some great results including more sales, more recommendations and more customer satisfaction.

Where to start..

A good mobile app development company that I can recommend is a4apps. They are able to build great looking responsive apps for local businesses at  a competitive rate and they also offer a very friendly service. I should know because I run the business ( I know.. terribly selfish plug but it had to be done).

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There are also other companies out there that may be able to help with your app requirements (although i would love you to take a look at us first.. ha ha) and i strongly recommend that even if you do not use the a4apps service that you definitely get your website at least mobile optimised if you have not already done so.

We are a UK based business but can and have built apps for many overseas businesses and will be only too pleased to help you if we can. So if you are interested in what we may be able to do then just visit our site or indeed please feel free to ask any questions in the comment section.


Thanks for reading.