If you are anything like me you are probably bombarded with posts and adverts on social media and thesuitcase full of money web saying things like..See how i made $10,000 per month following this simple and easy Programme. Or the one I saw the other day ” learn how to create a membership site and stop exchanging time for money..make money with instant rewards”

Well it’s enough to drive you insane. The problem is that due to our own curiosity we sometimes click on these things and from then on we may from time to time get sucked into one programme or another believing that maybe this time it may actually work.


Ok so often times your only spending maybe $20 or so but this all adds up not only for you, but also (and more Importantly) the person running the programme. In fact they are probably making thousands taking your money for a programme that simply does not work.

I too have occasionally fallen for the odd (seemingly innocent looking) scam. One that i did try to follow online scam signwas a thing called P1video magnet by a guy called  Peter Garety. It seemed on the outset to make sense..trouble was even when I had then purchased another two programs and hosting to make this thing work did I realise that it was a big mistake and I’d just been scammed online.  Take a look at it here but please DO NOT buy it...I repeat DO NOT BUY IT….you can see that the video is quite convincing but these are the things we have to try and avoid!..at all costs!  That link is NOT an affiliate link to them by the way just in case you were wondering.

So how can you make money with instant rewards?

I don’t want to stamp on your fire but in all honesty..you can’t!..yes I’ve said it..none of these get rich quick schemes work..well they do, but only for the people selling this type of thing. If you want to make money instantly then sell something on eBay or sell a service online…or create content that people will want to read and become an affiliate marketer.


Work For It

Yes you can make money online and build a successful business but I hate to say it to you, it is going to take some work, and I don’t mean just building a site and leaving it. You have to create original content each day and be engaged in your website. DO NOT purchase any of these re-writing programmes like Spinrewriter or such like.

For those that don’t know, these are programmes that take content that is already on the internet and just change a few words and grammar around to create a supposedly original piece. Yes it may be 25% original but half of it will not read well and make any sense (trust me I stupidly purchased it many years ago) and no-one will find it engaging or feel that it has been written by a person.

Although I am aware that my grammar and often spelling is sometimes atrocious, I am sure you can all see that what I write is original and from myself.



You see..you have to put the time in and create something that comes from you..that is why I joined the programme Wealthy affiliate. You can read more about it here on my post about it. 

It is not a get rich quick scheme and you can even join it for free. It teaches you that there is a way to make money online WITHOUT instant rewards..but you are going to have to put the work in..it is not going to happen overnight but it is something that is possible to do. You will notice that throughout this post I have not once included a recommendation on get rich schemes or even placed an affiliate link to a product. That is because I am just trying to build worthwhile content written by myself on a subject that I enjoy…and you can do that too.

So next time you see a ridiculous advert saying making money with instant rewards is possible. Think again and go out and put the work in…it’s worth it

If you have been scammed online or fallen for a convincing make money quickly scheme id love to know..please feel free to post below with any experiences you may have had


Thanks for reading and I hope this may have helped in some way.