Home Office

Working from home brings with it so many advantages to doing the nine to five and having to rely on someone else to pay you a wage…However it can also have its problems and not all are financial. I have been working from home (75% of the time) for the past 4 years and love it..yes i have had some difficulties along the way and it won’t pay you a fortune right from the start, but if you are willing to put in the effort you really can start a work at home business that can provide you with a steady income.


No commuting

Work as and when you like

Be your own Boss

Work in your pants if you want to!

Convienient if you have small children at home

You can right off a percentage of your home office and expenses for tax purposes



You have to be extremely self disciplined.

No co workers to have a bit of fun with.

You can never escape the office (so to speak).

No regular income to start with.

It can get lonely.

You have to invest your own money.man at desk


You have to ask yourself whether working from home is for you.. but i have to say that if you are self disciplined and find it easy to motivate yourself then a work at home business can be very rewarding although stressful at times…


Where to start?

The first thing you are going to want to decide are where your interests lie. If you have something you are interested in it makes it so much easier to work every day on it. How many people get up for work every day and enjoy what they do?..My guess is not many so to start off ask yourself what am I interested in?

The Choices

You have many choice’s in the sector of working from home. Maybe you would like to give affiliate marketing a go?. Or maybe you would like to design websites..how about opening an online store or importing and exporting?, all from the comfort of your own home. I think if you are deciding to work from home you really should choose something which is internet/computer based, as the scope for creating a business is much better and lower risk…in the following article i am going to show you how to start a work at home business using your own interest and with the use of affiliate marketing.

Isn’t Affiliate marketing dead?

Far from it..affiliate marketing is still a viable option with more tan 60% of work from home businesses being an affiliate business.

affiliate marketing expert

What you will need

If you have decided to work from home on an internet based project you are obviously going to need a computer and internet connection. You are also going to need a website of some sort. You can find out how to build a website for free here or take a look at my creating a website using WordPress here. In today s day and age it is relativley simple to get a website up and running with lttle to no costs and this should not be seen as a problem.

You are also going to need some other things to get started. A logo maybe?  . You can find information on creating a logo on my post here but if you are interested in creating one for yourself I would suggest that you download Inkscape and have a play around. There are tons of tutorials online to help you build a logo using this platform and it is dead easy….

So now What?….

So you have your website set up, you have a logo and, but you don’t know how to start a work at home business using the thing you are most interested in.

Im not going to lie to you..this business does take some work. You are basically going to be writing keyword targeted content on a blog platform and selling products through your website. It may sound difficult but really all you have to think about at the start is to write good content that other people will be interested in..forget about the keywords to start with..just write and write and then write some more…

Will it Work?

yes and no…many people give up at the first hurdle, when they see that no-one has visited their site in a month and they have written maybe 9 posts. However if you persevere and continue to write great informative posts on your favourite subject there is no reason why google will not start to rank your site.

Is there a course in Affiliate marketing I can take?

As it happens there is a great resource for learning all there is to know about affiliate marketing and starting a business from home. It is where I learnt nearly everything I know and if you would like to know more about it then please fell free to read my review on Wealthy Affiliate here.

What other ways can I build a business from home?

The reason I started this site is to try and help people create a business online using many different tools and trades. You could start a video marketing business..or how about creating an online directory. All of these things I have done, been successful in and I have written about them here on this site. If you would like to read more then please just have a look around the site and if I can help you in any way just drop me a comment.