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So you have got your first client for your business and you have agreed on the work to be done..but now you need to invoice your client in the most simple and up to date way that all professional companies do. But where to start? may not have a budget to purchase the latest copy of sage or you just don’t want to send a badly drawn up word document.

In this post I am going to show you how to invoice online using a very simple piece of software that is completely free and will have you invoicing like a professional in no time. I have no affiliate link with this company and have been using this site for all my invoicing for the past 2 years.

The Choices I Tried…Before Debitoor

I have been using debitoor for a while now but it wasn’t the first invoicing system I tried. Before debitoor I used Freshbooks and invoice2go. Both of these are also great invoicing softwares but for me debitoor was both Free and also very simple to use. Freshbooks will offer you a 30 day trial and this is what i did..don’t get me wrong..i liked it but the price goes to $19.95 per month after your trial. With invoice2go it is made for mobile so i tried this one out (also on a 30 day trial) in the hope it would provide what I needed, however once again you were faced with a charge after creating just 3 invoices so I moved on.

debitoor screenshot

Why Debitoor?

First off the fact that debitoor is free to use not just for 30 days but for life was a big selling point for me starting out. It meant that I had unlimited invoicing and i didn’t have to go onto their premium plan if I didnt want to (and I still havn’t) dont really need to unless you’re not happy with the very small writing on the side of the invoices that says it was created in debitoor.


It is very easy to customise your invoices using debitoor and you can add your logo to it to make it look much more professional. For more info on creating a logo for Free why not take a look at my logo post here. You can also add and save customers and products and put all of your payment details within the settings to show up whenever you send an invoice at the bottom of the page.

How to send the invoice? 

With Debitoor the other thing that I liked was the ability to not only send an invoice directly from debitoor but also the fact that you can download as a pdf and also print straight out of the system. Also when sending from within debitoor your email will be received with your company details not as “sent by debitoor” plastered all over the email.

Tracking Payments

Once you have created an invoice you can easily keep track of it and even add payments in installments to your invoice without having to make the balance in full paid. You can see what payments have been made and keep track of your expenditure too if you so wish… although i do not use it for this.


Ok so it is a great and very simple invoicing package..I’m not going to say that it is.. an all in one accounting package as it just doesn’t have enough features to be able to compete with the likes of xero and sage. You also cannot see a running  total of how much you have made and if you are going to be doing thousands of invoices you can see that it is difficult to find invoices within the programme.


If you are after a very simple to use and professional looking invoicing programme then this is a no brainer. For businesses starting out that probably don’t have huge amounts of clients then this can really help you, but if you have thousands of clients then you are better off with a paid for programme..and lets be honest if you have thousands of clients you can probably afford to create your own invoicing software..but for a start up you just can’t beat it...just click here to take a look at debitoor and let me know what you think..


I hope this has given you an insight into how to invoice online using a very easy to use programme. If you have any other invoicing packages you have used I would love to hear your views on them..just drop me a comment..