Videos marketing business

Having always had a passion for photography and creating videos I was very interested in making videos for small businesses to use in their marketing mix. The first video I produced, was for a small gym that was local to me and I recorded some footage on a camera and then went ahead and edited in windows movie maker would you believe!!…I sold that video for £200..ok so that included the time it took me to record some footage but it was way less than half a day and it was my first ever go at it…

Since then i have had a fair bit of success creating a videos marketing business that is not that hard for anyone to set up and can make you a bit of extra income on the side if you are willing to put the work in and also spend a tiny bit of money…when i say tiny… i mean less than $50

Where did I start?

After my experience of windows movie maker, I decided that I should probably invest in some better software to edit my videos and so I decided (after much research) to invest in Sony Moviestudio. I found that it had quite a big learning curve and took a while to get to grips with but after a while i was able to edit some really good videos and then sell them to different businesses to be used on their websites or youtube channels..I found that this worked best with local businesses and I would suggest that these be the ones you approach first if you are thinking of giving this a go.

It just got a lot easier….!

So after spending quite a while using sony moviestudio and also investing in a D-SLR camera and even more software and expense I suddenly by chance discovered 3 fantastic software editing tools that have completely changed the way i create videos…these 3 pieces of software all come in at well under $50 per program and they really can mean you can create stunning animated videos for businesses with very little knowledge, And best of all you can sell them on for whatever you think they are worth!


I would like to say that at some point i will be giving an in-depth look at each one of these but to get you started i thought i would just go ahead and explain what they are and the things you can do…The below video was created by myself to promote videos for my should give you an idea of what can be done.

 VideomakerFX, Easy sketch pro and Explaindio.

These are the 3 pieces of software that i now use to create videos for businesses and i have to say that each program really is quite good but if I’m honest after purchasing all 3 i would say that you don’t really need easysketch pro but it does still have a few good features and it was the first one i purchased.

Quick glance at all three..


Easysketch pro

Cost: $29

You may have seen those whiteboard videos that people use to explain products etc and this is exactly what this program is used for. You can also add video to it. As I say it was the first one i purchased but i think that you will see why i wouldn’t say you definitely need this one as much as the other two later on.


Cost: $67. Available here

Videomakerfx is the program I used to create the above video and you really can start making money with just this one alone. It has a number of different templates to choose and you can change colours backgrounds etc..I would suggest taking a look at the sales page here for a full overview..dont pay too much attention to the cheesy sales really is a good program and the one I used to create the video above.


Cost: $47 Available here

Explaindio is kind of like a mix of both easysketch pro and videomakerfx in the fact that it does both whiteboard animation and infographics so you get the best of both worlds. Add to this the fact that you can use all the templates from each other and you can see why if you were going to purchase just one this would be it. I however do own all three and although i don’t really use easysketchpro as much anymore I still do like vmfx and continue to use it.

What to do now..

So after you have purchased either program or indeed intend to try just using windows movie maker it is time to get some clients. The best thing to do is to create a video like the one I did above and get this put up on a youtube channel. I will at a later date create a tutorial on setting up a channel on youtube but for now let’s just say you have one!…you then have a place to show your work and promote it. You can also download the videos and save them to your device. This is what I did and then went out into the local community and showed them what I could do..showing them the video on an ipad…I would suggest doing this to pick up your first few clients….

I hope this has given you a little bit of an idea as to what you can do with these programs and if you haven’t already heard of them trust me when i say that it really will be a game changer in your video editing arsenal…if you would like another idea for an online business then check out my best business idea 2015 post here

I wish you good luck if you decide to try and create a videos marketing business and please drop me a comment or let me know of any other great video editing programs you might know about.

Pete H