123 Form builder to make money123 forms

So the past few weeks I have been creating a few websites for clients and using something called 123 forms to embed into the websites. These are great forms that can be built using their platform and then placed into a website using an iframe.

I had been busy building a form when I noticed that within 123 forms you had the option of putting a payment plugin within your form. Meaning that people could fill out the form and then make a payment. This, I thought would come in really useful when building websites. There was though a fee for using this service and I would have to upgrade my membership.

The trouble was that I didn’t really want to spend any extra money but I really did needed the payments option.

I decided to go ahead and upgrade and see how things went as you could always downgrade the membership at any point.

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I then had a light bulb moment when I realised that I may be able to sell these forms to clients I already had as a kind of standalone thing. I could charge maybe £15 per form and thereby make my money back for my membership.

You see the great thing about these forms is that you can use them in emails, facebook and other social media as a standalone form that sits on their servers so you do not need a website to run them off.They can take payments via paypal and a few other payment gateways so will be very useful for local business.

So how do they use them.

Lets say that a business has a course that they want to promote via facebook and they need people to sign up to it and pay a joining fee. This can be done with the 123 forms very easily. You then offer the client a way of reaching customers with the use of the form for just a one-time fee of £15 per form.

I have had some good success with this and to date have made around £140 from building forms for people. Not bad considering I have been doing it for only 1 week and not really pushing the service.

The other great thing is that there is no 123 forms logo on the form when you have the premium membership which is the one I had to upgrade to…I think the cost was around £23 per month

If you are interested in finding out more info on 123 forms then just click here and if you have any questions just let me know.


Thanks for reading.