I’ve been using this great little printer for some time now and as it kind of fits in to the nature of my blog Iprinter thought I would give it a small review for anyone interested in purchasing it. Ok so my blog is about building a business online but from time to time we all know that in business we are going to need to print stuff and as long as you are not looking for all colour printing the Brother HL2230 printer is hard to beat.

Cheap to Run..

One of the first points I loved about this printer was that the ink was cheap to buy. There are many other printers available on the market that are cheap to buy at the start but you soon see that the ink for these things costs an absolute fortune once you have run out of the first lot… the Brother HL2230 to buy price is only around $74 and the ink can be bought from places like ebay for around $17 so not only is it a cheap purchase but you are not going to have to take out a loan every time you run out of ink which is not often…

Prints for months

I used to own a Lexmark printer…when I bought it I thought it was a great deal. It had a printer and a scanner and a fax all built in…wow I thought and it’s only going to cost me $65..what a bargain. Trouble was that it kept on running out of ink all the time. The Brother HL2230 prints for months on the same cartridge. I used it in my first year without having to replace it. If you have a ton and ton of printing to do ie 5000 in a month, then yes it will run out..but if like me you just need to print from time to time this thing will go on for what seems like a couple of years..I may be overstating this but it really is that good.

It’s not Colour..

If you are looking for a colour printer then this is obviously not for you but in my opinion the amount of times I need to print in colour are rare and I’m guessing that by reading this review that colour is not really important to you either.

The Specs.

It’s a printer..it prints stuff very well in black and white and does the job exceedingly well with no fuss…IBrother-HL-2230 don’t see the point in me giving you a load of specs on this machine in a review as you can see that stuff all on Amazon etc…what you really want to know is how does it perform? is it noisy? is it value for money? how big is it? is the ink expensive? will it break?

I have already spoken about how cheap it is and the ink so let’s move onto some other things…

Well I’ve had this printer well over 2 years and it has not once had a fault. Occasionally the paper gets stuck but that’s probably more to do with me putting too much in at a time. As far as noise goes.it’s probably a little on the loud side but it prints really quickly and is sitting on my desk at the moment and not taking up that much room…Size wise it is probably comparable to a booster seat at the cinema (just thought of that as I have just been to the cinema with my daughter)

As far as value for money goes I don’t honestly think you will find anything in this price category to beat it. If you need a cheap printer that will run for months and print well and quickly then the Brother HL 2230 is a great buy. Let me know if you have any questions and I hope you found this review/post useful.


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