For my best business idea 2015 I am going to show you how you can create an online business that is both online and offline that works… but you do have to put some work into..its not just a sit back and earn money for nothing thing!..I actually did this in 2013 and you can earn money from it..i’m not going to say you will earn millions but you can definitely make anything from £100 to £1000 in a month if you work on it.


What is it?

bedslocal screenshot

You are going to create a resource for your local community and sell advertising space through this which you will place on a website with a direct link to local business websites. I’ve done it myself and the trick is to see if you can pair up with a local may have seen them posted through your letterbox..local village type magazines with articles and adverts in the form of a small booklet.

Where to start…bedslocal screenshot2

You are going to want to build a website for your first task and details of this can be found on my build a website page. I would suggest using the Moonfruit system for this business as it is really easy to ad picture adverts.

1: choose a domain that is relevant to your local town eg or

2: Write a few articles about your town..Whats on…places of etc etc

3: Create some dummy ads of local businesses using photoshop or inkscape and place them in small squares along your website then place a link on it that takes you to their website. Then ask the local businesses if they would like a free online ad (they are unlikely to reject this as it is free advertising)

4: If you can.. pair up with a local magazine and show them that you can create their magazine online.

5: sell the advertising space online to people who already advertise in publication.


Talk to local businesses

The difference between this and other directory websites is that instead of creating a holding page for local businesses on your site you are immediately creating a link from a full picture advert to their site where all of the relevant info is..this is what you should talk to businesses about and also if you are linked to a local magazine you should also say that your website is heavily advertised in the publication.


As i said at the start this is a business idea for 2015 and this is just the starting some point I may develop a full training plan as to how i did it..but for now this is just a small post to get your ideas flowing.. if you take a look at the website i did  this is the one i developed that has advertisers still paying to be on it..

drop me a comment if you have any other great business ideas for 2015..Another business that links quite well with this one is my video marketing business or for another great business idea why not check out my wealthy affiliate review