Hi Guys..So I have been involved with Bizness Apps for around 6 months now and so I thought it was about time I wrote an honest review of the products and services offered by Bizness apps. I am a reseller with them which means that I can basically build mobile apps using their platform and then sell them to clients and local businesses with my own fee structure. I am using the whitelabel product but they also offer a product direct to small to medium size businesses…so below is my Bizness apps review from a resellers perspective, but will also help you if you are deciding to create an app for yourself.

What is Bizness apps?

It is safe to say that the majority of people these days have mobile apps on their phones,ipads and other devices. With more and more people using apps it makes sense for small to medium sized businesses to get in on the act. Not doing so could mean that your competitors are ahead of you and this is something businesses do not want….along comes Bizness Apps.


In the beginning having a mobile app developed for you could cost thousands and thousands of pounds and it is safe to say that it still will cost you that much for a totally bespoke product. But what Bizness Apps has is a very easy to use platform to create a very responsive app for your business.

The platform has a simple 5 step process in creating an app. You can add all manner of different tabs toApp buttons it including, GPS Tracking, Events, Coupons, Leave a message etc etc..there are tons of features which I do not want to spend time listing so for more info on these just click here. You can also send unlimited push notifications, which is great for marketing to your customers.

Is it easy to use?

The basics of getting the app working are easy to do, however I do not think that it is just a simple click and watch it create it for you kind of a platform. While it is true that it will grab certain content from your website, you are still going to need some experience of either photoshop, Inkscape or other picture/graphic editing software to really customise the way your app looks. They do have a design service you can pay for which means they will build it for you, but in my opinion I think that learning a basic understanding of photoshop or gimp is all that is needed.

The fast and easy way for any business to create an iPhone app for only $39 a month!


One good thing that Bizness Apps has is many video-based tutorials to show you how to set up every tab and they also go into details on how to come up with custom backgrounds and headers etc..which is why I said you do need a little understanding of photoshop.

Where it gets interesting…

The thing that first got me interested in Bizness apps was the fact that they offer a white label service. Meaning that you can in fact start up your own business selling mobile apps to local businesses in your area. I already have a web design business so it seemed like a good addition to my portfolio. Not only that but Bizness Apps also offered a “Business in a box” solution.

What you get

With the white label product you also get a mobile app website included to sell your business from and you can customise the CMS system that sits behind the apps with your logo etc so that when a client logs on to update or send messages from their app it really does look like it is your business. If you would like to take a look at my website which I named A4 Apps… just click here

You also get quite a bit of marketing material with which to promote your apps business. A word to people not in the US though as most of it caters for the US market and if like me you are based in the UK you will have to adapt it.

There is a useful CRM Tool called BiznessCRM also included which helps you locate businesses in your area and put them in a kind of conveyor belt of enquiries to paying customer. It can keep you on track and see how many enquiries you are doing and tells you the possible monetary value if you make the sales.

The one product from them which I think is great is the forum that you also have access to as a reseller.people-305730_1280 You can log on and there is a number of other resellers with knowledge and expertise to help you get started. Some of the people on there have over 100 clients signed up to them all paying recurring fees for the apps they have built… so you CAN make money from it.

The fast and easy way for any business to create an iPhone app for only $39 a month!

How did I get on?

I decided to build a couple of apps for free to start to 1: get used to the program and 2: as a way to market my product. I then got my first app published and made some money from it. Here is the thing though..it is sometimes hard to convince a client why they need a mobile app and trying to get in the door with clients is not easy. Is Bizness Apps a viable business? well yes it is as long as you are going to work on it..it will take some effort to get clients and it does require time spent calling and emailing loads of prospects, but it can be done.

How much does it cost?Lynda.com Price

For the mobile app for your business solution it will cost you $39 per month to have your own Bizness App that you create yourself but is just on the web..not on iPhone and Android etc. To have your app as what I would call a real app that sits on your device the cost is $59 per month. They do not publish the cost of the white label program that I am on, but when I signed up it cost me £150 per month…not sure what that is in dollars though so you will have to look that one up!

Is it worth it?

For a small price you are able to have not only a mobile friendly website but also an app for your business that really does look very professional. The reason I took up the offer of the Whitelabel product was because the apps look so good and I knew I would be able to sell them. I am still working on my app business and yes it is hard to get it going but when you can charge a set up fee of say $1000 per app and then receive a recurring income you can see that it will result in a good business. After 6 months I am probably at just about even with my app business but I hope to keep building it in the future.

Like I said.. take a look at my website A4 apps to see my site and if you are interested in Bizness Apps then just click on this link or any of the others in this post.

Whether it is an app for your business or an app business you are interested in i can honestly say that I don’t think you will be disappointed in the service they offer. Oh yes and one thing I forgot to mention is the customer service from them is excellent..they get back to you really quickly and you even get assigned your own rep if you are on the white label service

I hope you enjoyed my Bizness Apps review and if you have any opinions on Bizness Apps or feel like dropping me a comment I would be most grateful.


Thank’s for reading.