About me


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So one day im a TV presenter and the next im realizing i have a wealth of information that can help people in business with their marketing and sales…and it all started with a simple request from a mountain bike group that i am involved with who said they needed a website…i said that i am sure you can build websites quite easily these days and set about creating a site for them (for FREE of course)

And so began my journey into website creation..after building a website for them, a couple of other businesses in the area asked for my help and before too long i found myself with a small business creating websites.

From here it went on to me studying and learning everything i could about web creation, SEO, App design, marketing online, sales technique, physcology of selling and numerous amounts of other material.. all really things that would help to build businesses.


So i find myself here wanting to help others who are interested in building a business..whether that is an online business or an offline business. whether you want help and advice on branding or creating a website. Whether you want to delve into the affilaite marketing world or whether you just want to create an extra income from home. I am hoping that in time the creation of this site will give a wealth of knowledge to those wanting to create a business for themselves or who are interested in some of the topics i hope to discuss and if you have any questions or would like some advice then please just drop me a comment…


Who am I?


Hi there…

My name is Pete HIllier and i have spent the past 3 years helping local businesses in my area with their marketing and sales techniques. During this time i have spent many hours studying online and offline and have had my wins and failures. Ive seen some great things …and not so great things in the world of marketing online..from great software and tools that have helped me create my own business.. to affiliate scams and deals that seem to good to be true and which leave you out of pocket.


My Background

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I started my career strangely enough as a performer and spent many years performing in West End shows in London and also spent some time as a children’s TV presenter. After this i created and produced my own theatre show which i toured around the country and did everything from writing the script through to marketing and logistics. It was at this time i realized that i had created my own business and learnt quite a few things along the way. from here i built a successful theatre school business which now has over 200 students and is doing great.