What is a Good Business To Start?


It is probably the most asked question and one with the most answers but I am going to put my opinion forward and say that the best business to start is the one which you have a passion for..

If you do not have a passion for something then you will ultimately not put the time and effort into creating a business around it.

For me my passion has always been the performing arts and later on in life, all things to do with marketing and creating a business. So what is a good business to start?… Well, what do you enjoy? what is your passion and where do you see yourself in 10 years?


What are your goals?

One of the first things I learnt about creating a business was that you have to have goals. You need to not only have goals but you need to write them down and actually visualise where you want to be and the things you want to achieve. Yes it all sounds a bit “The Secret” but I actually first learnt about goal setting from Brian Tracy. He has many business books and they are well worth a read if you are interested in starting a new business. A good first one can be found here:

You see the thing about writing your goals down is that once you do it..it kind of forces you to act on them and do something..rather than them just being in your imagination they are then a material thing that can be seen and acted upon.

What Next?

So you have your passion..the thing that excites you and you have your goals as to where you want to be. The next thing you are going to need is a business out of this thing you are passionate about and this is where the really interesting thing happens.

With everything being available online these days you can literally create a business out of whatever you like with the aid of affiliate marketing. Please tread wisely though and avoid the scams out there. You may wish to read my blog on this subject here



You can pick whatever interests you and create content around this and then sell products through your website.



Sounds Simple right?simple solution

Well yes and no…while it is a relatively simple process to create a website and get up and running, the making money part could take months to years to perfect…and all this time you must be putting the work into your website every day. But it can work and you can create an income from it as long as you are willing to put the effort in.

It is a good idea to get some help along the way and there are a few affiliate programs that help you with things. I have tried a few, but my personal favourite is Wealthy Affiliate. You can see a review on it here or you can go directly to the website using the link below. It is free to join with no commitment and it has a wealth of knowledge and guidance on how to build a business out of your passion.

Low Start up and Low Risk, but…

The thing about affiliate marketing is that it has a very low start up cost which make it low risk and you can also start it from your own home…The other thing (and i cannot stress this enough) is that it is not a get rich quick business..it is something that requires you to work. but if you have a passion for something and want to work on something you love then this could be for you..


Where to start?

So where do you go from here. Well i would suggest that you either take a look at the Wealthy affiliate programme or spend some time looking at some of the other online business ideas I have blogged about, which I have made money with like my Video Marketing business or perhaps write down some of your goals and passions as this may help you understand what is a good business to start for you…and I think that is the key..it has to be something for you..not the next big thing for someone else.

Good luck in your quest for finding the right business and remember it should always start with what you are passionate about.


I hope you have found this interesting and at the least a little bit motivating….as always drop me a comment if you have any questions or would just like to say Hi.






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  • Th’eres nothing like the relief of finding what you’re looking for.

  • This has to be one of the best websites I have come across. Sorry for being so brief but I have Parkinsons Disease and my hands are locking badly just now.

    Will comment further when I can.

    One bit of ADVICE. I always mention about the 2 free websites.

    Kind regards

    • Hi Mary, Thanks for your comment…yes I forgot about the 2 free sites..thanks for the reminder…Pete.

  • Hi!
    More than one year ago I was thinking that making money online could not be something for me, because I didn’t know anything about websites, writing blog posts or any technical stuff what so ever. But then I googled about making money online and found many people saying how it is easy to make money online and I thought if they can do it why I couldn’t too!!?

    And I started to search for way to make money. Unfortunately I end up believing in all the hype and scams (or just other people believing that it would work eventually…) out there, so I got burned little bit.

    But then few months ago I found WA and now I finally feel that I have my own business and while making money I can realize my passion: to help people with their problems (eliminate back pain.)

    So, I agree with you. You need to have passion for the business you are about to start ( but it doesn’t mean you need to have passion for computers, as I first thought, but you can’t hate them either…)

    And yes writing down your goals is vital in order to make them more alive.
    But what do you think about sharing your goals with others? I mean with your family outside the internet? I feel like sharing them with my mom who tries always support me is fine, but if I share them with my husband and he don’t believe that I can achieve my goals I get discouraged. Do you share your goals with others?

    And lastly, you are also right about the hard work and consistency it requires to have online business. I think many dreams has been crashed with false promises of all those get rich quick scams out there!
    Thank you for this post and lets keep rocking!

    • Hi Maria.

      Thanks for your comment…I think with the goals the best thing you can do is to share them with people…even if they knock you for it you have put it out there and made that goal real! sometimes just writing a goal down makes it real. From a phycological point of view it makes you do something about it rather than just having it in your head..I hear you in the scam thing..i am actually just in the process of writing a post on my journey into affiliate marketing and it talks about some of the scams online…glad to hear you are a supporter of WA..it really is a great network of like-minded individuals.

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