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I have been away from my site for a few weeks. (ok…so more like a couple of months!) but there is good reason. I have been really busy with other businesses i have been working on and finding solutions to marketing problems with a number of local businesses. Anyway one small little tool that i have been using which seems to be very useful is a toll called sidekick. so i thought i would write a little decscriotion of the product and how i have been using it here for you to show you how it can help any business with follow up and marketing emails.


What is Sidekick.

Sidekick is a FREE add on app to your chrome browser which enables you to see when someone has opened your email. It also shows you in live time when and how many times someone has opened your email. it sits at the side of your gmail inbox and can be turned on or off very simply and easily.



How to use it.

So this is the good part…. what i have been doing is sending an email and seeing when they open it. Then if i see that they open it again on another day it is time for a follow up email. you then send the follow up email and do the same again. This way you can really make your product or service stick in the mind of your prospective client.

The Results.

I used my theatre school business as a testing ground for the service and using the tool I have been having a far better response from enquirers than i used to. The main reason i think, is that you are really able to put your product in front of them at the right time. When I see that they have opened my marketing email a second time i can see that they are clearly interested and so this prompts me to send further info. They do not realize that i saw them earlier looking at my mail and so when they receive another email from me they are more likely to act on it.


If you have any other great add on apps for business i would love to hear about them. Thanks for reading and i hope you found this little post useful in some way. You can see more about sidekick using The link below.







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  • This seems to be a great tool 🙂
    What other tools can you recommend to know if the email has been opened aside from sidekick?

    • Hi Keye. there is another useful tool called Boomerang that you may want to check does a similar thing to sidekick and reminds you if someone hasn’t opened their mail. also Top Alternative is another one you can look at. Pete.

  • Hi Pete,
    Sidekick seems like a great tool particularly as I also use Gmail. It’s a good idea if you use a local mailing list for your business as opposed to the email list providers which have features that support customer tracking. Would you still be able to use Sidekick if your business scales and you need to handle lost of emails?

    • HI Neil…thanks for the comment..I’m not sure Sidekick would integrate that well for lots of bulk mail but for tracking enquiries and important emails it is great.

  • Hello!!

    This seems like a really useful tool. Thanks for sharing it with us and I will most definitely have to integrate this tool into my daily life!


  • Hey pete,

    This tool will really come in handy specially for online business owners that are trying to profit through email marketing specially. If people open our emails then there is at least an interest there. If they don’t take action then maybe we need to adjust what we are sending them and just keep trial and error going till we see a positive change.

  • Wow! I have never heard of Sidekick before. But it seems very powerful to track people when they open our email. Awesome tool. Is it available on Chrome only? I hope to use this in the future so that I can track my subscriber lists.

    • Hi Edy.
      I am afraid it is only available on chrome at the moment..they may well release it on another browser at some point hopefully..

  • hi Pete!
    wow this looks like an awesome tool! If you are selling something it does help you with timing for sure. However, I use a Mac…does it work with other browsers than Chrome?I don’t really sell anything but I would still use it

  • Hi Pete, thank you so much for sharing this because I have never heard of this tool Sidekick before, I am definitely going to give it a try. I Just got one question does it only work on Gmail accounts or can I use it on my Hotmail email Address as well?

    • Hi Kumar, thanks for the comment. On their website they do not mention about Hotmail however I have noticed that when I have viewed my stats on sidekick some of the emails I have sent using my Hotmail account are in there so perhaps it does track them if you are using sidekick within a chrome thing to do is to try it out..hope that helps.. Pete.

  • This is an exiting tool. I often wonder if someone has opened my mail or not, in case I don’t get response. This tool will be helpful for me 🙂 Thanks for sharing this.

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