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Welcome to WTBABO or Ways to build a business online…yes I know, its not the best name in the world, but when I created the site I couldn’t come up with anything catchy or cool so its just kind of stuck..anyway, that really is what the site is about..There are different articles and tips and tricks for online business and ways to create a business online, whether that is affiliate marketing or selling t shirts via social media.

I hope that you enjoy some of the articles on this site and please feel free to comment on any of the posts that you liked or indeed hated.

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Wealthy Affiliate, Is it a scam or not?

With so many people not wanting to get scammed these days when trying to find a way to make money online, it's no wonder that I often get asked this question. If like me you have bought into a number of get rich quick schemes or affiliate marketing software that never...

How to Make Money Selling T Shirts Online

Creating a T-Shirt So for the past few weeks I have been trying to find out if there was a way to easily sell T-shirts online. Ya see I am someone who likes to design things..I'm always creating logos and adverts for small businesses and I thought, wouldn't it be...

Writing a blog to make $10,000 per month with Wealthy affiliate!

A year at Wealthy affiliate So here I am after nearly a year writing endless posts in the hope that one day I would hit that illustrious $10,000 per month mark and guess what this week......I didn't!   It Aint easy to write a blog Ya see there are two problems...

My Journey into Affiliate Marketing Part 2

My Affiliate marketing journey: Part 2 So if you have read my first part on my journey into affiliate marketing then thank you very much for sticking with me for part 2. If you have'nt already read part 1 then please feel free to take a look at it here We left part 1...

My Journey into Affiliate Marketing Part 1

My Story This is the first in a number of posts where i will try and explain how I got into affiliate marketing and perhaps shed some light on this strange business that many many people are turning to, to try and forge a career online wth the hope to make money. Some...

Gocardless review. The easy way to accept direct debits.

My experience on a new way to accept direct debit payments A friend of me told me about Gocardless a couple of weeks ago and I was intrigued to see if this was something I could use in my theatre school business. I decided to join up and test out the service. If you...

How to see if people open your email. Top tool!

I have been away from my site for a few weeks. (ok...so more like a couple of months!) but there is good reason. I have been really busy with other businesses i have been working on and finding solutions to marketing problems with a number of local businesses. Anyway...

Mobilegeddon is Coming!

With Google introducing it's new mobile update tomorrow, it looks like many small businesses are going to feel the effect in rankings for their website. So why is that? As of tomorrow, very simply, google will be searching and indexing sites using a new algorithm that...

Building forms to make money

123 Form builder to make money So the past few weeks I have been creating a few websites for clients and using something called 123 forms to embed into the websites. These are great forms that can be built using their platform and then placed into a website using an...

Local Online Marketing Tips

If I build it they will come? When starting a local business the first thing many people do is to create a website or have one built for them. The thinking behind this is that "If I build it they will come". Unfortunately this is not the case and so many local...
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